Who is she?

Beatrix is a visual artist who is driven by enthusiasm. She truly believes in the magic that creativity and art can produce. She accepts commissions that are in line with her personal and professional values. She does her work with commitment. Her work can include photography, stop motion video, cinemagraph, moving image, arts and crafts, paper craft or anything else that involves art or requires creativity.  She pays a lot of attention to understanding the project beforehand, and she uses all the senses in order to do that. She always works to find the best way of collaborating with the client, so she can identify herself with what she’s doing and “live in” the project while she’s working on it. Her goal is to create something original that is inspiring, outstanding, unique and authentic, which helps the client express their values. When she works on more complex projects, she collaborates with other creatives, usually taking on the role of creative director. It’s very important for her to have a positive environment and have fun with the team she is working with even when they don’t share the same physical space, collaborating instead by technology. Most of her work is not location specific, so do not hesitate to contact her from any part of the world.

She truly believes in the magic that creativity and art can produce.

As a mother of two finding work-life balance is very important to Beatrix. She is convinced that we all can find it, if we are surrounded by the people we love, if we find work that we fall in love with over and over again, and if we discover our true life purpose through which we can help others do the same thing.

If you think she is the right match to help express your dreams through creativity, then drop her a line to further discuss the details.

my clients:
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