Biz cards and stationary


Colour palette: gold black and white. Several different textures and shapes. They share a common attribute, all are cut out of premium paper, the grouped together.

Various business cards

Biz cards are old school, I also prefer connecting in modern ways :). So they were created just in case ;). All of them were cut out of paper. It gives various artistic opportunities of colour usage. There are some simple black and white ones, others are gold and glittery.

Branded stationary objects, letterhead, envelop, business cards, and a paper bag.

stationary and other objects

business cards

Various business cards, same cut, with diversity in colours and textures. The filling card from behind serves to give a different colour border to the letters and the card itself. The filling card can also be solid.

The slogan can be read only on those ones which has a solid filling card in their back side.

various business cards

Without biz card

The cut serves another goal as well. If I'm too distracted and forget my business cards, and my phone is not recharged, no problem, I have my golden spray in my bag normally, because I'm ready to make magic any time ;). In that case all I need is my transparent, plastic business card cut, which is practically a stencil in this case, that is always in my purse, a sheet of paper, and I'm ready to improvise a provisional business card. Better than nothing :). It has happened to me once, when my phone was not recharged either, so I had to come up with an idea urgently. People were really impressed by what i was doing, and it was such a funny situation.

Business cards with spray

Sprayed card in the bottom left, the stencil top left among a couple of business card cuts.

Business card made with golden spray
Hand spraying golden paint

This was my original idea why a cut is really comfy when I don't have a business card with me. I thought I was gonna do a handmade letterpress. It seemed to be a nice idea, but I changed my mind at the first occasion I wanted to do it, . First of all I need a transparent surface (window or similar) and a light source behind it, and it needs several minutes vs. the 1 sec that the spray technique takes.

Handmade letterpress business card

Inside out


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