one woman stands out from the crowd at concert

Stand out from the crowd

Why to fit in when you can stand out?


Would you have imagined that the image above is a photo I've taken of one of my cardboard creations? If you have a closer look at the little details, you can see it. My intention was not to hide anything but to give an out-of-the-box approach to the project, playing with the real world and the digital, the existent and the imaginary. I can help you match the two if you commission me to collaborate on the visual part of the message you want to transmit to your clients. Do you know the cliché “an image is worth a thousand words”? It might be overused, but it's still true. You can expect from me a bespoke visual aid that is meaningful and reinforces the core values of your products and services.

paper craft concert
crowded cardboard concert

Paper craft concert
realisticpaper band on stage

overhead photo of paper craft plants
The importance of aesthetics


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